Teaching Overview

My approach to teaching can be summarized with three concepts: a focus on building pragmatic knowledge and skills that are grounded in research and honed with real-world examples; the creation of an engaging and safe environment where students can debate ideas and think critically; and an inclusive approach to teaching that address a variety of learning styles. With these concepts, I can create a positive and effective learning experience for my students.

During my time at the University of Colorado-Boulder, I have had the privilege to independently develop and teach three classes in leadership and entrepreneurship at the junior and senior undergraduate level. I have also had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant and guest instructor for an undergraduate management course and an MBA entrepreneurship course. Finally, I worked as a liaison between the business school and the university graduate teacher program for two years. These experiences not only allowed me to develop and implement my personal teaching philosophy, but they also helped me discover a passion for teaching. Throughout this process, I have been fortunate to have an excellent support system and access to formal and informal training. I have shadowed senior faculty members, facilitated teaching workshops, and attended workshops on a variety of teaching topics. My skills and training as a teacher have translated into high teacher evaluations, the receipt of the Leeds PhD Student Teaching Award, and the nomination of a university-level award.